Electric carts for handicapped are pathetic

Celina, Ohio 1 comment
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I am only able to shop through your super store by using the electric cart.Everytime I have had to use them, they have run out of power after only a short time and usually in the part of the store farthest from the return area.

There I sat on a dead cart, in an area where there was no employee nearby to ask for help. This is not only frustrating, but also very embarrassing. You have approximately 20 handicap parking spaces in the lot, but seem to only have 4-6 of the carts. You certainly could manage to have enough carts to remove each one from service after it's returned by customer and place it out of sight to be fully charged, and put a fresh/fully charged cart in it's place.

No guessing on how far I can get in the store before it dies! The problem also limits time spent shopping and spending money in your store. If I didn't feel rushed to finish before the cart died, I would possibly spend more money.

Please value the handicapped customer as much as I know you value the healthy ones.We don't have a choice, we rely on the carts to get us through that store, please make them a true asset not a joke on us.


Buffalo, New York, United States #714542

Well if the customer would plug them in to charge when they are done with the cart then maybe the carts would not die.

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